Sonos users are complaining about the new update, and this is what is happening

Sonos users are complaining about the new update, and this is what is happening

Sonos released an important update to its app on Tuesday. The update adds, among other things, a kind of second home screen for all your streaming services. However, a large number of Sonos users are complaining that certain functions disappear after the update.

The new Sonos app, which can be used with all S2 speakers, supports more than a hundred streaming services, such as Spotify and Apple Music. The main selling point should be that from now on you can access all your services through a single interface. At the same time, you must also choose via the same application the speaker through which you will hear those services.

But the Sonos community site and Reddit have been raining down complaints from users since the update. like him Users report Installing the new app will prevent them from finding and playing music files stored on the NAS. “Sonos customer service confirms that the NAS option is no longer available, and that only commercial streaming services are visible and accessible, but not my music library,” the user said.

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage, and is a device for storing and sharing files over a network. Sonos has announced that the NAS functionality will not be supported at this time, but it may return in a future update.

Do not create a new alarm

Another user has one Number of features mentioned Which is no longer available. In addition to losing NAS support, it also appears that users will no longer be able to create new alarms or modify existing alarms. It is only possible to turn existing alarms on or off.

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Sleeptimer, the function that ensures music automatically turns off when you sleep, also appears to have disappeared.

Subwoofer problems

There also appear to be hardware issues for some users. One user says that his subwoofer no longer connects after the update. It is no longer possible to connect the subwoofer, even with the latest hardware update. The app keeps asking to update. Other users say they have the same problem Comments on this post.

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