Soldiers help out in Majorca blizzard | outside

In Mallorca, the army is called in after a heavy snowfall. Due to the large amount of snow, parts of the island became inaccessible. In the upper parts of the Northwest, snow has fallen on people and rescue workers are scrambling to free them. Snow is more than a meter high in the mountains.

The snow attracted enthusiasts who went to the mountains to capture the view with a camera, but many of them lost touch with the outside world. About a hundred people were stranded at Louk Monastery, a pilgrimage site in the north. They spent the night there, and rescuers from the army arrived at the monastery late on Tuesday evening. The military is often deployed on these rescue operations when there is great danger. The storm, named Juliet, is now nearing completion and heading east.

Rare storm

The Spanish newspaper wrote that temperatures in the highest peaks of the Pyrenees rose to -19 degrees El Pais. Snow is rare in Majorca, although some may remain on the mountains in the winter. In low areas, rain falls or snow melts quickly.

Exceptions like Blizzard Juliet and those of 1956 and 2012 surprise islanders. 1956 was called the year of snow because there was a lot of snow on the entire island for eighteen days. In 2012, there was also a lot of snow by island standards, but it melted quickly.

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