A man has been missing in Amazon for a month, and he escaped from bugs and urine

A man has been missing in Amazon for a month, and he escaped from bugs and urine

The 30-year-old, Jonathan Acosta, went trekking through the Bolivian part of the Amazon with a group. He would be absent from the group when he stepped back to relieve himself. Then he got confused and couldn’t find the group. He was reported missing on January 25, but was found exactly one month later.

Acosta tells his story against her Bolivian television station Unitel. “Luckily I knew a thing or two about survival techniques. I ate bugs and worms and at one point drank urine.”

Rain water from the shoe

Little man helped because of the rain. “Half the time I missed the rain. I tried to collect as much water as I could with my shoes and then drink it.”

“But when the rain stopped I had to drink my urine. I asked God for rain. If it hadn’t rained, I wouldn’t have survived.”

During the time he was in the Amazon, he tried everything to get back to civilization. “But I soon noticed that I was always walking in circles.” During the night he was frequently bitten by all kinds of animals and insects.

Acosta says he lost 17 kilos and walked about 40 kilometers across the Amazon. He is currently still concerned about his health. “A lot of insects have bitten or stung me. There’s probably a lot of poison in my body.”

Jaguar and wild boar

It is said that the Bolivian man saw a jaguar up close and had to fight with wild boars. He also injured his ankle, which would have prevented him from walking for four days.

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Acosta said he was glad to be reunited with his family. The man’s siblings said they had not given up hope of finding him.

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