Software Update: Jellyfin 10.8.6 – PC – Downloads

Jellyfin server is top notch.
Jellyfin for AndroidTV is basically causing a lot of irritation here. In terms of a very young development team, I don’t really think they have their priorities in order. Could be an error:
That a number of things are completely solved just by rewriting the player, that’s fine. That rewriting could take a few more years, that’s okay. But simple things like that while running, you go back to the menu and don’t get to the resume screen but play next. I think it was reported about a year ago.
Or in a playlist of Next, for example, episode 10, 11, 16, 17, etc. appears. Why that hole? It’s only this menu in the UI, because it plays in resolutions of 12, 13, 14, and 15 as well. They are also present when you start watching across shows. Or that you have to go to the home screen of Jellyfin, before you update the states seen within the shows.

This translation was too large to use, a matter of changing the default settings in the next release, if it was not possible to follow the Jellyfin server settings. How long did that take? How many people were complaining about that? Such a simple 2-character tuning is literally in 1 or some other configuration file. Took over a year.
Rewind a bit, even if it’s just two or three steps: the audio is out of sync, consistent with everything I’m playing.

This means that unfortunately I have to continue using the Kodi + Jellyfin addon (in addon mode), when I don’t need Kodi at all and don’t actually want to. But then all the above problems disappeared.
Unfortunately, once Kodi, plugin or server is updated, Kodi Sync Queue is always disabled in Kodi. You don’t know this, just when you wonder a week later, oh my god, there was no new broadcast last week? The Update Library feature in Kodi does not affect the add-on. So you have to find the addon (which is very cumbersome in Kodi), restart the sync queue, disable Kodi and open it again.

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I’ve been watching TV like this for over 20 years (mediaportal, XMBC, OSMC, Kodi, Jellyfin) and it’s definitely gotten easier, but I’m disappointed that these kinds of things still have many basic issues.

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