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It doesn’t matter if Microsoft’s adaptive Xbox controller never came. This was said by the CEO of Microsoft in an interview with The Verge. According to the man, Microsoft was keeping a close eye on budgets and the project was ready to be scrapped.

According to Robin SellerThe Vice President of the company From Windows and hardware at Microsoft, both the Xbox team and the Surface team were on hand to push the project forward. They reportedly found the adaptive console, which is aimed at people with disabilities, to be too important to throw away for budgetary reasons. “It wasn’t about brand positioning or profit,” he told The Verge editors. According to the man, several employees from the manufacturing, design, and Xbox departments have worked together to make the Xbox Adaptive Controller available.

Xbox adaptive controller output in 2018 It was reportedly years in development. Console, where Tuckers also Preview of the publication, can be highly customized according to user needs or limits and also modular. The device has two large programmable buttons and at the top there is a row of 3.5 mm connectors for attaching accessories, with which the buttons on the console can be simulated. There are also USB 2.0 connections. The console costs 90 euros. In October of this year, Microsoft presented a file adaptive accessories For people with disabilities or users who want to be more productive on their PC. The accessories consist of a customizable hub, mouse and buttons with various attachments.

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