'Soft corona test streak shakes' • 'normal' death toll again

‘Soft corona test streak shakes’ • ‘normal’ death toll again

The bid with many millions of GGD for Corona test line and vaccination line is a rattling, Trouw wrote. The newspaper found that the job was never offered to the public and that other companies interested in it did not get a chance. Both jobs went privately to the French company Teleperformance.

Moreover, part of the text is missing in the public documents on the procedure. According to a professor in European Procurement Law, the agreement is difficult to verify. “The question, then, is whether the government has chosen the party that best serves society,” she says in Trouw.

For these tenders, a quote has only been requested from Teleperformance. The fact that other companies are unable to bid harms market forces, says the professor, but citizens are really the victims of a bad bid. “It has a direct effect on fighting the virus. The data is leaking into the GGD, which is a time-consuming vaccination program, it all depends on how something is organized and presented.”

According to GGD, a special tender was chosen due to the urgency, because Teleperformance, which was already in charge of the Corona test line, already had experience with the GGD system. GGD says it might cause a delay if it were to work with a party not yet familiar with the system.

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