Soccer star Jade Massing in action in America

Soccer star Jade Massing in action in America

Roosendaal – 19-year-old Jade Massing, who was born in Rosendal and raised in Lepelstraat, has returned from America, where she signed her contract with Pratt College in Kansas. To illustrate the distinction of this estimate, it must definitely be noted that 7 schools have taken an interest.

Slowly but surely Jade got used to the idea that she will be leaving for America for 4 years in July. She continued to expand her sports career there. Because the attention to her exceptional performance really makes her an athlete capable of performing to greater heights.

“From the moment I was able to walk, I went to the gym with my dad. I learned kickboxing there and worked on fitness and technique through games,” says Jade, expressing her sports stance. “You develop a number of skills in kickboxing. As mentioned, you work on technique and fitness, but you also learn to assimilate, fearless and distribute. At the age of twelve I wasn’t allowed into the ring because of my age, so I started directing myself toward other sports. “. I was introduced to tennis, the fitness program, zumba, hockey and street dance. “I was still looking and noticed while playing hockey that I would rather kick the ball than hit it with a stick.”

“I started in Voetbal Vereniging Steenbergen. I played first with the boys there, but the women’s first team arrived very quickly. I was the last player, and thanks to my tall build, I was asked to come and play. Because I wanted to be a good player, I played in 7 different clubs, where I managed to develop really well. SV Smerdiek from Sint Maartensdijk had a very good girls’ team, and I was able to start there as the first goalkeeper for the first team.I was fifteen years old at the time and talked to my next-door old daughter Corinna Loix, with whom I played a lot. In the Lepelstraat “. Jade finished with the field team at Steenbergen and the indoor football club Bristol in Roosendaal.

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When we ask Jade who her biggest fan is, she doesn’t hesitate. “This is my grandfather. He only missed two games as long as I play football. He always makes videos with my mom and gets posted on Instagram. But also Jade herself and people from the Bristol team put it on her.” Coach Hans Leuven emphasizes the whole situation: “It’s very special that schools in America are close to Jade now. I thought about quitting a while ago because she no longer enjoys playing football. Then she was contacted now for a scholarship. How special is that. Lauwen also wants to share the vision of Jade’s new coach, Ashley Burnette, that he expects she will definitely play at a higher level in America.

With that possibility, Jade Massing will leave for America in July, to complete her studies there in 4 years and play football at the highest level on the field and in the auditorium at Pratt College Kansas. “I chose this school consciously because it is not huge. Because I know I can do my best in a friendly and attractive environment.” Coach Hans Löfven cleverly concludes: “Jade has gotten much better in the room. This is mainly due to her vision in the game, ball handling speed, training, learning to play football in small spaces and reflexes. We will see and hear a lot of it.”

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