NOS conducts research across the organization on etiquette and work culture | NOS Sport offenses

The NOS will conduct research conducted across the organization on a safe work culture and work environment. Management decided this in response to the breaches in NOS Sport and discussions about it throughout the organisation.

“The problems in NOS Sport that emerged last week are causing an uproar across our entire organization,” says general manager Gerard Timmer. “That’s why we think it’s also appropriate and important for the rest of our organization to be seen through outside, independent eyes.”

In recent months, the broadcaster has made an inventory of just under a hundred reports of offensive behavior and cruel culture on the sports editors’ floor. Last weekend, the four-person editor-in-chief of NOS Sport resigned. Sports presenter Tom Eggers has decided to opt out for the time being, after being in a post De Volkskrant He has been accused by several employees of offensive and intimidating behavior in the workplace.

“Of course things go wrong with us, too.”

According to NOS News Editor-in-Chief Gisele Van Can, there is no reason to believe that news editors have the same major structural problem as sports editors. But she stresses that the research is needed to “test ourselves sharply at the moment.” Because yeah, of course things go wrong with us, too. We believe it is part of an organization like ours to have independent experts who look at business methods and ethics in this day and age. And also how we, as colleagues and managers, deal with reports from people who have had a bad experience. Van Kan says: We want to know what we don’t know. According to her, the desire also to conduct research on news editors definitively came from the editors.

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Van Can succeeded Marcel Gelauf as editor-in-chief of NOS News last summer. NOS is internally divided into three divisions: NOS News, NOS Sport and NOS Eventementen.


This week, the former presenters of NOS Jeugdjournaal, Siham Regoul and Roos Mughri, spoke at Genk. They learn about stories about infringing behavior in NOS Sport. They didn’t like the atmosphere and didn’t like coming there. “We preferred not to be on that floor above us,” Moghri said. “It was less good in there. As a woman, that wasn’t a fun place to be.” According to the presenter, there were “certain types” she preferred not to meet. “Then I plunged into the toilet or took a walk.”

Raigul said she also faced racism during her work, though she did not say where or when. For example, she was told that she got her job “only” because of her origin. “It makes you feel so small, so bad. And meanwhile, you want to do your job well and prove yourself. Loneliness is the biggest feeling around.”

The Works Board and the Editorial Committee of NOS Nieuws are involved in preparing the independent external investigation.

More on violations at NOS Sport Read in this file.

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