Severe weather in Scandinavia ANWB

Severe weather in Scandinavia ANWB

August 9, 2023

Storm Hans brings strong winds and heavy rains that lead to floods.

The situation in Scandinavia

Travelers in Scandinavia can expect storms and heavy rain on Wednesday. The weather services have issued a red code for Norway and Sweden. Code yellow applies in Denmark. In Scandinavia, storm Hans causes a lot of flooding and landslides. Bad weather is expected to continue in Scandinavia for a few more days.

The situation in Germany

Travelers in northern and northeastern Germany can expect storms and flooding due to heavy rainfall. The German Traffic Service recommends that you do not walk on the road during showers (thunders) and storms. Driving with caravans, trolleys and buses is especially risky. Severe weather also affects ferry services and public transportation schedules. The warning is expected to be lifted on Wednesday.

Ask your travel organization if your campsite is impacted and accessible as well.

See also Meteoalarm for more information.

Source: ANWB Traffic Information

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