Melt away from Roy Donders daughter in a pool and pink swimsuit

Melt away from Roy Donders daughter in a pool and pink swimsuit

Roy and Michelle are in Spain with the kids and judging by the photos, they are having a great time. This photo of Romy in a pink bathing suit is very touching.

Roy Donders

Fortune smiles at Roy Donders! When he met the blonde Michelle it was love at first sight, and luckily for Roy, it was mutual! From that moment on, Roy and Michelle were together and inseparable. On Instagram, Roy and Michelle regularly put their other half in the spotlight and shout their love for each other from the rooftops. It’s nice to see him.

Michelle already has a daughter from a previous relationship, with whom Roy now has a very good relationship. Roy also recently had a daughter, Romy, with Michelle.

Romy in a pink bathing suit

Like many other people, Roy and Michelle are on vacation. Together with the children they enjoy the Spanish sun. The pictures and videos don’t lie, because they look great and the park they’re in, they’re lacking for nothing. Roy has now shared a photo of his and his daughter together in the water. While Michelle’s eldest daughter was swimming, Romy was lying in an inflatable swimming ring. She steals the show with her pink outfit. We really melt when we see this picture. Romy is such a sweetheart and Roy and Michelle will enjoy…

Source and photo: Instagram Roy Donders.

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