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Samsung showed off its One UI Watch interface for smartwatches during MWC 2021. It’s a kind of skin that should run on top of the revamped Wear OS platform from Google and Samsung. Samsung will showcase a new smartwatch with this operating system later this summer.

Samsung wrote that the One UI Watch interface should “merge the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy smartphones more deeply” Press release. In any case, One UI Watch will be available for the next generation of Galaxy Watch and is based on the company’s new smartwatch platform Together with Google makes. With this, the upcoming Galaxy Watch will receive support for Google apps like Maps and Messages, and access to other smartwatch apps from the Play Store. The company did not mention support for current Galaxy Watch models.

Source: Samsung

While Show Samsung shows various features of the smartwatch OS. When users install a smartwatch compatible app on their Galaxy smartphones, it will also be automatically installed on the user’s smartwatch. The settings menu on the One UI Watch is pretty much the same as that of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones.

Moreover, certain settings are synchronized between the user’s smartphone and the smartwatch. For example, if users add different time zones to the Watch app on their phones, those time zones will be automatically added to their smartwatch, Samsung reports. And if users block a phone number on their smart watch, that number will be automatically blocked on their smart phone. Samsung also comes with a design tool that allows developers to create digital watch faces for One UI Watch. Battery life should also be better with the new operating system and apps should start “up to 30 percent faster”.

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Later this year, Samsung will release a new Galaxy Watch, which will be based on the new operating system. The company has stated that the smartwatch will be revealed this summer at an upcoming Unpacked event. The tech giant has not mentioned a date for this presentation, but according to previous rumors it will take place in August. There were rumors about Galaxy Watch 4 On Galaxy Watch Active 4. Samsung will soon too Show some new folds.

Source: Samsung

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