Marilyn went on a road trip: ‘I got a tiki after a year and a half’

Marilyn went on a road trip: ‘I got a tiki after a year and a half’

Tiki amount
125 euros
Request payment for
More than a year and a half after Marilyn returned with a colleague from the south of France to the Netherlands, she received a tiki in exchange for gasoline.

Return journey

“A few summers ago I went to the south of France with a friend for a working holiday. Once we got there we met another Dutch guy and spent a lot of time with him. When it was time to go home, he offered us a place in his car. We thought it was a lovely ending and took a ride that took About 14 hours in. He’ll pay for the gasoline and send Tikkie later.

But after his return, he remained calm. My girlfriend and I called him several times. Calls went unanswered and we also received no response to WhatsApp messages. A month later we tried it on social media, but there was no response there either. When we couldn’t catch him for several months, we thought: let him go.”

Year and a half

“My girlfriend and I speculated why he didn’t respond to our messages. He said his father had a successful business, had nannies, and went to Curacao every year with his brothers to go scuba diving. We thought he wasn’t worried about money and would let us not pay.

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