Is it a dog or a fox?  The world’s first dog fox was discovered in Brazil

Is it a dog or a fox? The world’s first dog fox was discovered in Brazil

The strange-looking ‘dog’ appeared two years ago after being hit by a car. The black animal with pointed ears was transported to an animal hospital in southern Brazil with injuries.

The vets there didn’t really know what to think. The “dog” didn’t look quite wild, but it wasn’t quite tame either, as he writes, among other things, Miami Herald.

A study has now been devoted to the animal and results It has now been published in the scientific journal Animals. vs Newsweek “She had eyes like a domestic dog, but long ears like a fox,” says researcher Cristina Araujo Matzenbacher. “She had dark fur and barked.”

The animal refused dog food, but was fed on mice. Dog behavior is also not typical: the animal can climb trees.

Genetic research

Scientists from Pelotas University studied “dogxim”, which is the name given to the unique cross in English.

They made the following discovery: the animal had 76 chromosomes in each cell of the body. Dogs have 78, and foxes 74. The offspring receive half of the chromosomes from the father and the other half from the mother. This equals 76 together.

Additional research revealed that the animal actually had genetic material from dogs and foxes.

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