Update Chrome, Edge, and Firefox immediately due to this serious vulnerability

Update Chrome, Edge, and Firefox immediately due to this serious vulnerability

Do you use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Brave? Then update your browser as soon as possible, because it contains a serious security vulnerability.

This is clear from research conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They have classified the issue as serious and urge you to update your browser immediately. This applies anyway to Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Brave.

Issues with Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and more

The above browsers have already released an update to close the leak. This was necessary because criminals had already taken advantage of this vulnerability. Incidentally, Apple also released an update for Safari, but this points to a similar issue. This leak appears to have been corrected as well.

Strictly speaking, this issue, including in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, is related to Webp files located in browsers. Webp is a popular image format. If you’ve ever downloaded images from certain websites, you’ve probably come across it. This type of image is gaining popularity because it has a more compact format and is therefore more efficient than, for example, PNG and JPEG.

Webp uses certain compression techniques so that the image quality does not deteriorate, but it still takes up less space. This ensures faster loading times for websites and lower data consumption for users. In addition, it also supports animation.

Also check your apps and Safari

By the way, you are not completely safe if you update your browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Stack diary Reports suggest that you also need to update some Electron-based apps. Consider the popular messaging app Signal. They have already released an update to fix the issue.

Google Chrome is getting a special feature for iPhone users only
Chrome on iPhone (Image: Apple)

In general, it’s (almost) always a good idea to update your software as soon as an update is available. Not only does this give you access to new or improved features, it’s especially important for the security of the app. Developers and hackers are in a constant battle to find vulnerabilities. It’s natural that hackers want to exploit these things, while apps and services want to shut them down as quickly as possible.

Researchers have discovered that Google Chrome extensions can steal passwords

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