Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait much longer to get your hands on this iPhone 15 (iPhone News #34)

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait much longer to get your hands on this iPhone 15 (iPhone News #34)

Are you waiting for iPhone 15? we too. But unfortunately you have to wait much longer to get one. This was the most important news of Apple and iPhone this week!

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The bad news: Because of this new feature, the iPhone 15 will come later

There are again rumors predicting that Apple will delay production of the new iPhone.

This year’s most advanced iPhone will get a completely new hardware component, which now ensures that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely appear later than other models. You must know this.

And that’s why the iPhone 15 Pro Max is coming later

Alternative to AirTag for Sale at Event (But Is It What?)

AirTag is very useful for finding your stuff. The only downside is that Apple’s mini trackers are very expensive. They often cost around 30-35 euros each, and even 39 euros officially at Apple itself.

At the event, you can now purchase an AirTag replacement from Apple. You can get a tracker for less than two euros. But is it what?

You can do this using Action AirTags

Do you still have this iPhone? And you better sell it quickly

Apple will soon release iOS 17, bringing some great new features to your iPhone. Unfortunately, the latest version of iOS is not available for all iPhones, just like every year, some older iPhones no longer support the update.

Do you still have such an old iPhone? Then we have bad news, because the value of the phone will be much lower once iOS 17 is released. iPhones are expected to lose more than 40 percent of their value.

Is your iPhone worth less?

PHOTOS: Are these the new iPhone 15 colors (and cables)?

The first iPhones with a USB-C connection will appear this year, which means that new cables will also be needed. Pictures of these cables have now surfaced for the first time on Chinese social media.

These differ greatly from existing Lightning cables, but above all, they reveal something very important! Do you want to know the colors in which the iPhone 15 will be available for sale soon?

These are the colors of the iPhone 15

Apple launches Tap to Pay on iPhone in the Netherlands

A new service has been available on your iPhone since this week, because Apple launched Tap to Pay in the Netherlands. This is an extension of the Apple Pay service, which you can use in the Netherlands since 2019 to make contactless payments with your iPhone.

Tap to Pay works the other way around, because your iPhone acts as an ATM. This means that there is no longer a need for the pin device in shops, for example. This is what you need to know about it.

This is how you use Click to Pay

Sometimes shooting upside down with your iPhone is really better (and here’s why)

The iPhone has a great camera that allows you to take good photos and shoot great videos. To create videos for TikTok, for example, hold your iPhone upright. If you take photos or videos in front of a screen (the TV), it’s often best to shoot them in landscape mode.

However, sometimes it is better to turn your iPhone upside down while shooting or taking pictures. We explain why.

Watch the effect you get

watchOS 10: Apple removed this feature (and that’s a shame)

With watchOS 10, your Apple Watch will get a whole host of new functions. Think of the very nice thing Snoopy watch face with over 140 (!) animations and smart stack widgets.

But Apple also removed a fun — and especially practical — feature in watchOS 10. We actually think that’s a shame. We will catch up.

This feature no longer works on the watch

iPhone 14 is cheaper than ever: find the best deal here!

Does your iPhone need an upgrade or do you just want a new one? Then we have good news! iPhone 14 is cheaper than ever. We’ve searched for the best iPhone 14 deals for you.

Check out the best iPhone 14 deals

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