Will this be future sun protection?

Will this be future sun protection?

This is what happens behind the scenes

As a consumer you hardly notice it, but behind the scenes there is a whole team of experts who are constantly looking for (new) ingredients. Because imagining something suddenly discovered allows for better skin care or protection. That would be nice!


When it comes to sun protection, manufacturers now rely on two types of sun filters. They are chemical (organic) filters and physical (mineral) filters. Both block the sun by absorbing and/or reflecting UV rays. But it may soon be different! New research shows that we are on the verge of discovering new ingredients as a filter or sunscreen, which also have a natural origin.

Psssst…this is coming

I’ve been involved in a very interesting study for some time now. I can’t say much about it yet, but what I can tell you is that it has to do with plants. There is growing evidence that some plants can block UV rays and can also neutralize harmful substances (free radicals) in the body. Extensive research is now being done on the possibility of using this substance – if it really works well – as a UV filter in sunscreen in the future. Exciting right!

And that’s not all

Something else was discovered recently…a new ingredient that provides better sun protection. Although new? This is actually not entirely true. Because we are talking about the melanin of the body; The pigment that protects us from the sun, among other things. Scientists were able to uncover the important skin-protective property of melanin. This discovery makes it possible to mimic the substance and conduct research on its effect in combination with other components. Who knows that this substance will make it possible to better protect the skin from the sun’s rays in the future.

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Please Wait…

A breakthrough in sun protection? It seems so, but we have to be patient for a while. Because of course we want to make sure our fabrics are good for the skin and the environment. This just goes to show how important it is for you to remain curious about what could be done differently or even better. This is exactly why I find my work as a research physician in cosmetic dermatology so fascinating and want to share it with you.

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