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You can also envision a flat package of games for a monthly fee for Netflix, similar to Apple Arcade as mentioned in the article. Game streaming is also possible. But the way Netflix now handles streaming is still much easier than its game streaming requirements. Netflix now doesn’t have to stream more than 24-30 frames per second, for example, it doesn’t have to process input in high definition and it doesn’t have to run heavy games on its own servers, but only the video service.

Even Google Stadia hasn’t been picked widely around the world, outside of the enthusiastic group, so the question is just how big is the target group for streaming games. This can be a matter of getting used to, but at the moment it appears that most players already have one or more devices that can be played directly. Then the streaming of games is something next to the console, mobile phone or PC, on the go or when the TV is busy or something like that. That alone wouldn’t be a mammoth business. This year, console players can switch to live broadcasts or use the new consoles. The latter appears to be more popular.

And if game streaming wants to bypass local hardware, so that it offers really added value in terms of picture quality and the like, then such powerful servers are so required that it’s hard to get out. Every streaming engine should already have a dedicated high-end graphics card available on the server side. If the streaming service wins on a new console or PC, that must be even more insane. None of this is nearly as scalable as the video streaming that Netflix is ​​now making.

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Offering a set of downloadable games for x € per month is much easier to achieve on Netflix. But we will see what happens, and if it becomes a thing.

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