The Latest on the HMS Core: What Happened After the Trade Ban?

The Huawei ban came into effect on May 15th, 2019, stopping the company from doing business with other US companies, including Google. After that, Huawei couldn’t access the operating system that was mainly running their phones anymore. 

Huawei’s phones developed after the ban, had no Google Mobile Services (GMS), and some ran on the open source version of the Android operation system. Would you agree that this is as interesting as your NFL week 9 odds

Well, if you think that NFL odds are more interesting, then you should keep reading to find out what the whole fuss is about with HMS Core and what’s new.

What Is HMS?

In simple terms, HMS stands for Huawei Mobile Services. After the ban, Huawei had to develop the HMS with an AppGallery to replace the GMS and the Google Play Store on any devices released after the ban. 

The History 

To give a brief history of Huawei as a company. They’re considered the second largest smartphone manufacturer. 

Huawei had been dealing with several accusations despite their record where they were said to have some shady business practices. This was problematic considering the company’s affiliation with the Chinese government. They were also accused of terrorist acts such as spying on other countries, although this remains unproven. 

So How Is It Going?

We’re pretty sure, after reading, you’re interested in knowing how Huawei is coping with the ban. Since the company couldn’t work with companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, and Google, it decided it was time to revamp its product. They were faced with coming up with a complete change in how they manufacture and release. 

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That’s not the case. Huawei products are still available in the market. Since the ban, there has been some skepticism in the market. 

A new kid on the block was released named Honor and was believed to be affiliated with Huawei, so the ban was automatically upon them. Huawei had to sell Honor to a Chinese company because of the pressure exerted upon them by the US government. 

Has the Ban Been Lifted? 

The answer to this is no. Despite Donald Trump not being president, the ban is still in place. They still produce devices for countries in Europe and Asia despite a significant decrease in their market share. Huawei has to draw up a strategy to allow them to work around their creativity. 


From the look of things, Huawei is one company that can’t just roll over that easy. The brand is major and loved in China and could become a Chinese-only brand.  

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