Roxanne Uses New Rule After B&B Vol Liefde: “Feel Safe Now”

Roxanne Uses New Rule After B&B Vol Liefde: “Feel Safe Now”

It’s now been two years since Roxanne first appeared on TV. In Realitea she says it didn’t hurt her. Since participating in B&B with love Does she have more bookings than usual. Although after the recordings, initially there were many single men hoping to conquer her heart.

“Obviously, I didn’t choose Mitch in the last episode,” she explains. “Then I got a lot of bookings from guys. It’s all about getting to know me.”

Although the businesswoman is flattered, she decides to only accept groups. Of this she says: “I was alone in the house. I found it very exciting when all the strange men started booking.” Her new “base” makes her feel safe. “So you’re with several people.”

Roxanne, who “hates” dating, is also told in the episode that she never signed up for it B&B with love. Her friends are behind this plan. “I didn’t want men in my house at all. Back in the day, that was the lesson I learned: that I learned to let men back into my life. I had never done that before, so B&B with love It was very good for me.”

The episode with Megan and Roxanne is the last episode of Realitea for now. After the summer we will be back with new guests. Can’t go this long without him? Then watch all episodes hereor check out the previous episode below:

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