Roxanne Hazes doesn't want to explain her mother, but Rachel continues the case |  backbit

Roxanne Hazes doesn’t want to explain her mother, but Rachel continues the case | backbit

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Previous sessions in this case showed that Hazes performed poorly at the time. Poetry FifthVan Beek’s ex-best friend said she moved nearby at Hazes’ expense to look after her. “It took place in 2016, and then investigations followed,” Hazes said in court. “I think that was the worst period of my life.”

There are now several lawsuits about power of attorney, which lasted two years. According to Hazes’ attorney, Royce de Vries, this power of attorney has been abused and it should be definitively clear what happened. Through the appeal, Hazes hopes to learn more about the money she thinks is gone.

Last week, Hazes won one of the lawsuits against Van Beek, although it must be said that she didn’t quite get her way. According to Hazes, her ex-best friend had breached a nondisclosure contract by sharing details about Hazes’ mental health in court. The court gave it to her partly rightBut he saw no reason for the €25,000 fine that Hazes had demanded.

The trial will resume next Wednesday (October 19). Due to the appeal, the witness hearing, which Roxanne had to report, was temporarily postponed. There is no new date yet.

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