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Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, will record audio communications between players in Valorant’s online shooter in the event of unwanted behavior. This is “analyzed” and “evaluated” when a player prepares a report.

Voting data is temporarily stored. If a report of unacceptable behavior is not received “in a timely fashion”, the voting data will be deleted. If no violations are found after filing a complaint, the data will also be deleted. If a violation is found, the data will be deleted after the case is resolved. Tencent, the US subsidiary, continues to talk about “Analyzing and Evaluating Voice Data,” but does disclosure Do not explain in detail how this happens.

at Interview with TechCrunch Give two Riot employees more information about how the analyzes and ratings work. “One option is to convert speech to text, or use machine learning to detect a violation without textual assistance.” Whatever the case, the two argue that there will always be some “element of human moderation” to make sure the system is functioning properly. The two employees also explain that the registrations are actually being made, but that they are only used to test report processing systems.

The updated terms of use also apply to players of Riot’s other games: League of Legends, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics. However, the developer “has no plans at the moment” to use the same system there. However, the consent of the players is granted with the conclusion of the agreement.

TechCrunch further reports that the system is initially being developed for brave players in North America. Voting data is stored in the area of ​​the complained player after notification.

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