Rico Verhoeven replies: Did he buy a role in the action movie Black Lotus?

Catch the hit

Once contracts are signed, preparations begin black lotus. The stunt team at Bulgaria’s No Boyana Film Studios prepares Rico for all the action and brawl scenes. “Acrobatics fighting is also a real act”says Verhoeven. “For example, it is very important to depict the effect of a blow or a pistol shot. If you give me a crushing blow, I have to show the effect of that blow. No matter how hard I hit someone in the air, if I barely give way, that blast doesn’t look like Anything. Those were things I had to learn.” For ‘real acting’, Verhoeven receives guidance from Warner Loughlin, an acting coach who also assists Ryan Reynolds. “It was great working with her.”Rico said. “Together we set out to shape the character I play. We explored his past and thought about his evolution. Her main advice? Take your time. But I actually get this advice from everyone, including Mark Wahlberg for example. Don’t rush it, but think it through.” Before the scene is shown. And enjoy that too. It’s kind of Denzel Washington style. He says a lot without moving his mouth, just his looks say a lot.”

on a set of black lotus Rico Verhoeven can also be found behind the camera, as directing is also his great interest. “I am a critic, I want the acting and the fighting to look perfect. That is why I regularly sat next to the director Todor Chabanov to see how he works and why he shoots from certain camera angles. Through Mark Wahlberg I was allowed to see the set of his new movie Infinite. Suddenly I was sitting next to the great director Antoine Fuqua! I think that’s like a boss! Whenever I can, I ask him as many questions as I can. I’m like a sponge: I soak up all the information and advice I can get from film professionals.”

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