Review: AirPods Pro 2 are also great if you don't listen to music |  Reviews

Review: AirPods Pro 2 are also great if you don’t listen to music | Reviews

Easy to find

There are now four small holes on the bottom of the AirPods Pro: three on the right side and one on the left. Behind the holes on the right is a small speaker used for the Find My app. The hole on the left is an “acoustic hole,” according to Apple, intended to take pressure off the speaker.

If you lose your AirPods, you can play a sound to find them. Additionally, AirPods Pro work like recent AirTags, with the compass arrow on recent iPhones pointing in the direction in which the missing covers are.

Volume control for your daily life

In our opinion, the biggest improvements lie in the AirPods Pro’s Transparency Mode. Press and hold the stem of the bud and the noise canceling will stop just like on older models, after which the microphones will ensure you can hear your surroundings better.

With AirPods Pro from 2019, this ambient noise at times seemed a little negligible. That’s not the case with the new version: other people’s voices come out naturally, making it sound like you don’t have earplugs in your ears at all. This in itself is an amazing achievement.

In addition, Apple has added a new feature called “Adaptive Transparency”. This ensures that very loud sounds (above 85 dB) are reduced, but can still be heard clearly. It ensures that a jackhammer, the highway, or a loud concert will be less of a burden on your hearing, but still be heard.

Practically speaking, it feels like a kind of personal audio mixer for your everyday life. This is a great added value, especially at concerts: your AirPods make the music clearly audible and provide an acceptable volume, without missing lost tones, for example, with old hearing protection earplugs.


The new AirPods Pro look better, but we’re particularly impressed with the improvements in Transparency Mode. This might also be a tool you’d like to wear when you’re not listening to music, simply to make your environment more bearable. Although the question is how your environment reacts to this: after all, they will think that you are always listening to music.

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