Looking back at the laptops of 2023

Looking back at the laptops of 2023

The Tweakers test lab and the laptop editorial team have not been idle in 2023. The year is not over yet, but so far we have tested 173 laptops in our test lab and, as usual, published six best laptop buy guides, various reviews and a roundup. In this article, we take a look at laptop technology for 2023 and forward to 2024. Before we do, we ask our Laptop Editorial Team editors which laptop of 2023 they think will stand out the most.

Friso: I'm a big fan of OLED displays and what's better than an OLED display on a laptop? Two OLED screens of course! But no kidding, I was very impressed with the Lenovo Yoga Book 9 this year, as this laptop has two OLED displays and they seem to perform better than the foldable devices that Lenovo and ASUS have released previously. With two panels, you have a larger screen surface, you won't have a crease in the middle of the screen and the build is less vulnerable. Furthermore, the two displays seem to work surprisingly well in practice. I expect we'll see this concept more in 2024.

jelly: The laptop that made me happy in 2023 and the one we paid a lot of attention to was the Framework laptop. In 2022, Framework released its modular laptop with an 11th generation Intel processor and an upgrade to the 12th generation followed, but in 2023, Framework has shown, in my opinion, that it is here to stay. There was an upgrade to Intel's 13th generation, but also the Zen4 motherboard, a case that allows you to turn an old motherboard into a desktop computer, and the announcement of Framework 16, which will feature an interchangeable video card. Removable video card in a laptop? It's been a long time since I last saw it.

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Lots of personal sentiments to your laptop editors. In the following pages we turn to the hard numbers, for a look at 2023. Merry Christmas and enjoy reading.

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