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RPCS3, a PS3 emulator for Windows, Linux, and BSD, gets support for AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution feature for super sampling. The developer announced this on Twitter.

RPCS3 let him know Users can enable the feature under “GPU” in Settings. It will be the first console emulator to support AMD’s new ultra-sampling technology, which the company launched in June inserted And the same month chest. The feature aims to increase the frame rate in games by displaying them at a lower resolution and then raising them up.

The emulator does not use the FSR quality presets. Alternatively, users can set the input and output resolution themselves. This is possible by adjusting the game display resolution and game window size, According to the developer. RPCS3 Let’s know more It will not add Nvidia DLSS to the emulator. DLSS is a file My time solution, the Motions for each object Need. We don’t have that. FSR is a file spatial solutionWhich is perfect for us.”

Writes VideoCardz That emulation of PS3 games is primarily CPU dependent, and that using FSR in RPCS3 is likely to have less impact on frame rate than games with more GPUs. RPCS3 مجموعات kits On his website That about 62 percent of all PS3 games are fully playable through the emulator, without break the game Bugs or glitches. 31.6 percent of PS3 games can’t run due to bugs or performance issues, while 6 percent of console titles don’t make it past these lists or don’t play at all.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution in RPCS3. Afbeelding via RPCS3 on Twitter

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