Principal Nicole Creamers on details of announcement: ‘If this comes true, Massa is a Casa is over’

Principal Nicole Creamers on details of announcement: ‘If this comes true, Massa is a Casa is over’

The principal says that Nicole is “very confused by this situation”. “A lot has happened and a lot of it is still unknown.” Peter is said to have assaulted Nicole on May 29 last year at one of his holiday parks. It was alleged that he bit her in the back and nose, among other things. He even had to spend a night in jail.

Although Nicole initially claimed that nothing serious would have happened, it soon became apparent that this was not true. A month after the news broke, the couple admitted that something had happened. Now that they’re divorced, Nicole finds herself unable to end the incident after all. Since it ended, Peter continues to talk about her negatively in the media and in the final two episodes of the series [Massa Is Kassa, red.] Called Nicole A gold prospector. That was the last straw for her to get naked. It’s time to reveal the truth.”

Nicole had filed a report before, but did not proceed. Nicole’s manager says this has something to do with Peter. “Nicole never retracted the report, but Peter threatened to tell the police that little was going on. And that while there was a lot going on. I’m her manager and I can tell you that if all of this came to light I would.” I’m sure it will come to an end for sure The block is cache.

According to a spokesperson for the reality star, Nicole will “file a new report as soon as possible.” She herself first wants to “complete” the file. “So we can go to the police with all the facts and evidence.”

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Peter Gillis has informed RTL Boulevard that he is not aware of any permit. “Because I’m not talking to Nicole. She has to find out for herself what she’s doing. I know there will be a case on August 29th over the alleged abuse.”

You can watch more on this topic tonight at 6.35pm on RTL Boulevard on RTL 4.

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