Today is fun inside after Dirksen’s great moment

Today is fun inside after Dirksen’s great moment

Johan Dirksen caused the necessary laughter on the talk show on Tuesday night indoors today. Dirksen missed a few seconds of the broadcast because he was busy with a health break. As a result, the guest of the table just missed the introduction of presenter Wilfred Jenny.

Dirksen is missing

“I think it’s time for a catheter. Because this isn’t going well, this urination is going to take longer and longer,” laughed René van der Gyp when Jenny made his introduction. Then Dirksen walked over. “Look, here he comes,” van der Gijp joked.

The former professional soccer player then continued for a while at that time towards Dirksen. “Nothing beats a nice piss, right?” Dirksen had an ingenious answer to that. “Before you know it, you’re overestimating the weather. I’ve been peeing sweetly and thought I’d give her a few jars too. But it just didn’t work,” Dirksen joked.

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