“Not interested in controversy through the media.”

“Not interested in controversy through the media.”

Ronnie Felix listened to his album Remi last week and realized he had seen very little of it. He pulled out his phone and vented his frustrations on Threads. That was over a week ago now and he's been the center of attention all this time.

This resulted in Kees' song Closed and he filmed a video for the song with fans and fellow artists like Murda and Priceless. Before the song was released last night, Ronnie joined Humberto Tan's show.

There he told his story again, accompanied by his lawyer. Rooney said again that he believed he had signed an unfair contract, but now it was mainly about raising awareness. Making sure other artists don't make the same mistake he did.

Humberto asked Top Notch to respond, but they remained out of sight. They say they are awaiting an appeal in the case between Rooney and the label. “We don't need to argue through the media.”

Kees de Koning has made his voice heard in his personal capacity. On Instagram, he posts a photo of a moment on a talk show, where he was grabbing the audience's attention. This post came directly after Ronnie's conversation with Humberto.

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