Johan Derksen steps away from the Today Inside table

Johan Derksen steps away from the Today Inside table

Johan Dirksen sparked delight in last night's evening Today insideThe studio is provided by moving away from the table. He also had a lot to say about “The Tom Egbers Case” earlier in the episode.

On Wednesday, Rene van der Gijp was still the topic of conversation Today inside-Viewers. Not everyone liked his jokes and his words were said to be unclear and awkward.

Johan Derksen steps away from the Today Inside table

Bar guest and former MP Arend-Jan Boekestijn decided to deliver a “dirty limerick” at the end of the episode. René van der Gijp and table guest Joop Knoster might laugh at that, but Johan Dirksen immediately gets up. “Wilfred, I don't want to be a part of this anymore,” he says, visibly walking away. There is a lot of laughter at the event, both at the table and in the audience. “Who knows, we might be there tomorrow and who knows, we might not be there tomorrow,” Wilfred Jenny concludes. “But Johan Dirksen is already gone, and he is already in Grollo.”

Johan Dirksen defends Tom Eggers

Earlier in the episode, Derksen delivered a monologue about Tom Egbers, who filed a summary lawsuit against NOS because he had not appeared on television for a year. The analyst directly supports the presenter. “I want to express my solidarity with Tom Egberts,” he begins.

De Volkskrant He makes the lady who once dated him sixteen years ago cry. Tom broke up with him and this person worked with him for another six years in the same program. Then make De Volkskrant “investigative journalism” about it, which led to the non-profit wanting to act and put it out of business because they were receiving too much publicity. No one in the media world has been wronged as much as Tom, and unfortunately for him, his wife wants to turn the whole thing into a musical, so it stays in publicity.

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According to The Sharpe, there is no single argument as to why Egberts had to retire. “It didn't even appear in the report that was prepared,” he says. Knoester, an attorney, says he would be surprised if Egberts wasn't right. “I'm not a civilian, but I completely agree with Johan. It's really scandalous how he's been treated.” Jenny says Egberts was asked to join VI To join us, but he refused because he wanted to take things easy. “He's very welcome here,” Derksen says. “He is an excellent colleague who has worked at NOS for 40 years and has been thrown out on the street like old rubbish.”

You can enter today Watch it again via KIJK.

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