A cover of Beyoncé's hit song Drenthe goes viral: Has singer Leon Moorman made jokes about the people of the Randstad?

A cover of Beyoncé's hit song Drenthe goes viral: Has singer Leon Moorman made jokes about the people of the Randstad?

It started as a joke on TikTok and Instagram, but Drenthe singer Leon Moorman (34) has now gone viral with his song “Hier in 't Oosten”. The entire song was premiered on Radio 5 on Friday morning.

Mui Lyon, how are you?

“Good! It's been a busy week. In fact, I started last Wednesday. For RTV Oost, I created some translation links into Low Saxon for somewhat sexually charged songs, by Marvin Gaye and Boys II Men. People seem to have found that Very funny. One of my friends asked me if I could do something with it too Texas Hold'em There's Beyoncé.

And immediately put everything aside?

“I actually had more important things to do, but I also enjoyed doing them a little bit,” he laughs Knwin (Drenthe's word for 2019 and the title of the song with which Moormann won the Drenthe Song Festival in the same year, red .) . Two hours later, I had created a thirty-second version and received a lot of feedback. This kept happening. I make something like this for fun, without a plan.

A week later, the full song will be uploaded.

“I've been making music myself for several years. It's not complicated to write lyrics if you have an existing song. Especially if it's unexpected. It's a lot of fun to make fun of people on the Randstad. When I showed it to my friend she laughed. When you're making it up you don't realize it's Funny. You also have to have a bit of luck. Let me be honest: last night at three o'clock, it was already over. It was first shown on Radio 5 this morning at half past four.

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How do people from the Randstad react?

“I got a nice suggestion on the radio this morning from Mattie Valk from Q-music. He stopped the clip midway through. The newscaster scolded him and joked that that's exactly what the song is about. I think most Randstadians see the fun in that. Everyone knows It's a joke.”

At Christmas, I performed a version of the Lower Saxon song Guardian Angel By Marco Schweitmaker, it's also equally good. Did you find the golden formula?

“So this falls into that category again Knwin. This funny thing sticks with me. I make pop music in the Drenthe language and would like to go to the theater next fall. I'm happy about this new way people can get to know me. I also write more serious songs, but when people come to my show, half the time it's funny. My new single will be released on May 8 and it fits into that line. This is also a song with a wink, and real singing. “I'm in a nice wave, and I hope it's a long wave.”

Drenthe is also searching for the national anthem…

“Ha ha ha. I don’t think that’s the case, but if people like it, they can always include me.

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