Panelists completely stunned Make Your Mind non-profit presenter: 'In complete shock'

Panelists completely stunned Make Your Mind non-profit presenter: 'In complete shock'

As the finalists are announced, a mysterious drag queen named Patti White appears. She was wearing a black and yellow dress and the panelists had no idea who the celebrity was hiding behind the makeup. “Who is this?” Fred Van Leer asks.

They don't have much time to think, because they have to write their answer right away. Fred and Jeroen van der Boom believe it is Matthias van Newkirk, while Niki de Jager and Roxanne Hazis believe Rupert ten Brink is the Mystery Queen.

When who's hiding behind the makeup is revealed, they don't know what they're seeing. They shout in astonishment: It turns out to be none other than Jerwen Bao. “You can see from the faces of the panelists that they are in good shape, but not really,” says presenter Carlo Bouchard.

Both the panelists and Carlo think it's great that Jeroen is on the show. “I'm in complete shock,” Fred says, and Nikki also thinks it's “so cool” that he did it.

Jeroen explains why he got involved. “I'm really enjoying it anyway. This year I've been on TV for 35 years and now for the first time I look really cool.” Jeroen believes he's always been too close to himself when he's on TV, and now he's really stepping out of his comfort zone.

In addition, for him it is also a message to society. “There's been a lot of bullshit, especially in recent years.” According to Jeroen, there's still a lot of hype surrounding LGBTQ+ pride and he's quite tired of it. “All this whining. Let's all (…) have a little fun with these kinds of things instead of all this whining.”

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Carlo considers it an honor to have Jeroen participate and the panelists agree. “I think that's a great kick, you're just there,” Nicky says. Jeroen concludes to thunderous applause Organize your thoughts and decide to.

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