Joke DJ’s Getting Out of Hand: Congratulations to ‘Pregnant’ Nellie Benner (But She’s Not) |  Displays

Joke DJ’s Getting Out of Hand: Congratulations to ‘Pregnant’ Nellie Benner (But She’s Not) | Displays

A joke from 3FM DJ Barend van Deelen got a little out of hand. Afternoon classmate Nelly Penner is able to slightly expand her stomach. The two take a picture together and Van Dillen places his hand on her stomach. But when he posts the snap to Instagram, there’s a stream of congratulations for Benner. Who is not pregnant at all.

You ruined it! Penner is calling out to her co-star Van Delen this afternoon on the Afternoon Show at 3FM. “I’m getting all kinds of messages from people who think I’m pregnant.” In an Instagram snap, he wrote: “BREAKING! It’s probably going to be a tough delivery, but we’re expecting another blast from the afternoon show.

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However, the photo was taken with completely different intentions. Banner: I can stick my stomach out really far. Barend that’s cute when I’m pregnant. But he immediately crushed it on Instagram.” The result: Dedicated listeners and friends collectively congratulate the 36-year-old DJ 3FM. There will also be invitations for a pregnancy photo shoot. Even the snack giant’s manager, Maura, sends Penner a heartily congratulatory message.

Fortunately, the two of them can laugh about it. “I’m expecting a cute little bald guy,” Benner wrote on Instagram. Referring to Gilmer Gosinklo, producer and sidekick on the Van Delen and Pinner radio show.

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