President Biden ‘suspends’ dictatorial ban in US

President Biden ‘suspends’ dictatorial ban in US

Give DicTok a breath. US President Joe Biden has blocked legal action against a social media company.

Former US President Donald Trump has sought to ban the use, saying it poses a threat to national security.

Dictoc legal action against the US government

Dictok took legal action against the proposed ban. The new government of the United States has now called for a halt to the proceedings while reconsidering whether the use is really threatening. Biden is said to be less ‘afraid’ of Dictok than its famous predecessors.

Delays keep the application running in the United States, while new employees in government agencies are “well aware of the issues involved in this case,” legal documents say.

Trump was fierce against Dictok

Trump has said that the proliferation of mobile applications in the United States created and owned by Chinese companies is a threat to “America’s national security, foreign policy and economy.”

The video app Digtock has about 800 million users worldwide, of which 100 million are in the United States.

The owner of the app, Bite Dance, is in talks with software company Oracle and supermarket company Walmart, which is negotiating a deal to transfer DicTok’s U.S. users to the new company to avoid a ban in the country. According to various American media outlets, the deal would not be valid if Biden took a softer approach to Chinese applications.

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