Cash simulation software will soon be available in North America as well

Cash simulation software will soon be available in North America as well

As the global horticulture sector continues to face increasing demand for food, greenhouse farmers are looking for solutions to meet these changing conditions. Comes with Hardinergy, which offers an advanced online software solution that simulates the indoor climate and energy consumption of a greenhouse. This year they want to market the software in North America as well.

Vincent Stauffer, Director, Hardinergy, explains that the company provides climate and energy consumption simulation software for each geographical region and numerous greenhouse crops within a single greenhouse.

Hardinergy can simulate these conditions for different greenhouse models and lighting systems. The software was developed by the company in partnership with Agrothermic, an independent engineering company specializing in energy efficiency and climate control within greenhouses.

When using the software, the user first fills in all the information about the greenhouse, including location and desired crops in one form. Within 20 minutes, the user receives the results calculated in a PDF report, a spreadsheet with hourly results for a year, and a spreadsheet with weekly and monthly results for a year.

With this information, the user can refill the form, but with different displays; These can be easily compared to each other in the comparative interface of the software. Thus the user can compare the scenarios at the technical and economic level.

Hardinergy, in conjunction with Metonorm, has introduced a module that simulates different IPCC scenarios for 2030, 2040, 2050 and 2100, enabling greenhouse designs that can withstand time and climate change.

Hardinergy’s software is mainly used by crop consultants, research centers, greenhouse consultants and various equipment suppliers who can provide excellent recommendations to farmers regarding greenhouse design. This software is used in some parts of Asia, Europe and Africa. By 2021, the company plans to expand in the United States and North America in Canada.

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