Popular band Big Time Rush is too big for the 013 pop spot

Popular band Big Time Rush is too big for the 013 pop spot

Big Time Rush's performance at pop venue 013 in Tilburg aroused so much interest that the band now has to change concert halls. The band was supposed to perform there in June. But due to the great success, it was decided to move the concert to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

Members Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos are known from the sitcom of the same name and will make their debut on the Dutch stage in June. 013 was chosen as the location, perhaps because no one knew how popular the band was in the Netherlands.

Ticket sales in February showed that more fans wanted to attend the Big Time Rush show than expected. More than fifty thousand people are registered on the digital waiting list. While Hall 013 can accommodate 3,000 visitors.

A lot of fans have missed the point. People on social media often wonder why the band doesn't perform at a larger venue like the Ziggo Dome.

Prayers are answered
Their prayers have now been answered. Ticket holders received an email on Tuesday informing them that the concert would be moved to Amsterdam due to its great success. The Ziggo Dome can accommodate 17,000 visitors.

This means there will be an additional 14,000 tickets. New tickets will go on sale on Friday, April 26 at 10:00 AM. Fans who have already purchased a ticket to the show at 013 can keep their tickets or request a refund.

013's Mijndert Rodolf says he regrets that the band chose the Ziggo Dome. “But we also saw that the show was very popular. So we understand that the band wants to do a bigger concert,” Rudolph said. Omrup Tilburg. “It's like give and take sometimes,” Rudolph says.

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