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onsProat: plastic layer – Maarkelsnieuws.nl Maarkelsnieuws.nl

A tablet or smartphone is great fun. You can find everything there, buy it or arrange it, but if it doesn't work then nothing. For example, my iPad didn't load this week, and the fun of having the whole world at your feet on your iPad is over. There was still some life in it, and the light showed that it had not been charged. The conclusion was that it was a matter of the plug and cable. Had to buy a new cable and plug. It takes an in-depth investigation in the first place to determine your connection. USB, USB C, or other variant. I took the broken cable and took it to the store to buy a replica. I walked out of the store with relief. I thought. Just unpack and connect and I'll be able to surf the World Wide Web again.

When I got home, I was going to quickly unload it and then load it. That turned out to be a little different. The plug was packaged in one of those hard plastic sleeves that, as a simpleton, you don't actually know where to start first or last to open. I grabbed our sturdiest, sturdiest pair of scissors from the drawer and attacked the plastic thing with them. The first attempt failed. She broke off a piece of it but still couldn't move. At most, it got a little shorter. I was somewhat frustrated, but then decided to approach the matter with more strategic tools. A sharp paring knife seemed like a good idea. After a number of attempts, cutting off a piece, trying to insert a knife and some antics, I was finally able to free the plug from its plastic casing. satisfaction.

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I had better luck with the cable, which was thankfully tied to a card containing two cable ties. After a bit of staring at the scissors, this worked fairly quickly. Charging can start again.

Fortunately, I came out unscathed this time, but I also occasionally cut myself with the knife or the sharp edges of the plastic. There are a lot of items that come in such clumsy plastic packaging. I'm sure this has been thought about, but I think it's ridiculous. It is possible that you have rheumatism in your hands or that you cannot use your hands properly. However, it is neither easy to use nor environmentally friendly. Just put them in a box, just like before, problem solved. Anyway, I will think about it carefully next time before I buy such a package again. This is what I decided in this regard.

It's likely to be another beautiful day, I'll be out in the woods soon, the weather is looking good and the gear is fully loaded and the fingers are intact.

Get a nice one.



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