NTT’s art studio participates in an international cultural event in the United States

NTT’s art studio participates in an international cultural event in the United States

LABUAN BAJO – Vela Rana Art Studio from Mangarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) will be performing at an international cultural event in Panama City, Central America on 19-27 October 2023.

Mangarai culture expert Mr. The studio headed by Felix Eton will be performing together with other studios from different parts of Indonesia.

Vela Rana Art Studio will send a team of seven including a coach and six dancers and traditional instruments players.

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Felix Eden said Shankar Vela Rana has achieved many feats and that is why he chose him.

Some of them are first place in 2021 Archipelago Music Competition, fifth place in 2022 New Creation Dance Competition and fifth place in 2023 Archipelago Music Competition.

The studio, registered in the Gentra Lestari Budaya community, was sent abroad in recognition of its achievements.

“We will go there (Panama) with other friends from NTP, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java,” he explained, Felix said on Wednesday (11/10/2023) when confirmed.

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Heribertus Nabit, regent of Mangarai, praised Shankar Vela Rana’s achievements, which he considered to have made the region proud and set an example for future generations.

He also hopes that after returning from Panama, studio members will continue to be active, not complacent, practice diligently and never forget education.

“Be balanced in both academics and non-academics,” he said.

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