Now back to Interpol: the West is losing influence, the false prophets are winning

Now back to Interpol: the West is losing influence, the false prophets are winning

Controversial police chief from the United Arab Emirates has been elected head of Interpol. For example, dictatorial regimes are increasingly influential in international organizations. Western stands and looks at it and writes Robert de Witt.

Apparently, not all objections came from Europe and North America: last week, Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi was banned by the Interpol General Assembly. Elected new head of the International Intelligence Service. Al-Raisi Inspector General of the Interior Ministry of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Summary: Chief of Police in this wealthy Gulf state.

He is considered highly controversial because, according to critics, he is responsible Mask of Torture, Sexual Abuse, Missing Persons and Critics in the UAE. Although the presidency is primarily a formal ceremony on paper, it is feared that the UAE could find critics and eventually imprison them through Interpol. Human rights organizations and members of the European Parliament Have been trying to avoid his appointment for monthsBecause it would destroy Interpol’s reputation.

Give a little, take a little

In vain, it turns out. Being the second largest financier of the wealthy Emirates Police Organization could play a role. The well-known Interpol Foundation for a Safe World – of which only the United Arab Emirates donates – transfers nearly $ 60 million annually to Interpol headquarters in France. What do you think belongs to.

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