Learn about the 'Dirty Dozen', an amateur breed that climbs up to 37% in the US!

Learn about the 'Dirty Dozen', an amateur breed that climbs up to 37% in the US!

The 'Dirty Dozen' is held every year in October in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). It is an amateur race of around 80 kilometers with 13 steep climbs in the area. And the percentage of increase is freakishly high…

The biggest obstacle is Canton Ave. By the way, that is the steepest street in America! According to international media, it is the steepest street in the world, but that is controversial. Canton Ave is only 190 meters long, but at 6.4 very painful meters, the gradient is no less than 37%!

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The winner is not the first rider to reach the finish, but the one who collects the most points during the climb. The race is moderated between climbs so that riders can recover before starting the next obstacle.

Participants excel in the best condition, because anyone who steps or falls on the steep strips has to go back down and compete in the climb again. This also applies to Canton Ave. Anyone who fails to be straight will not be included in the results.

Depending on their size, riders may start in different 'waves'. There is a separate channel for women. At the top of each ramp everyone has to wait until they reach the top. You can refuel at a gas station along the way.

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