South American ski areas are buried under snow

South American ski areas are buried under snow

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South America enjoys a lot of snow! A lot of snow has fallen just before the season opening of many ski areas. This is one of the best starts to the ski season in South America. In Las Llanas, among other places, it’s already fun, do you see meters of snow?

A super start to the ski season in South America

While we enjoy summer in the Netherlands, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Massive snowfall creates fantastic conditions in Argentina. Have you ever wanted to ski in South America? Then this is the right time. Country has one of the best season openers ever. July and August will be a party on the other side of the skiing world!

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Too much ice to open

Some ski areas still have too much snow to open. Avalanches and clean-up efforts have delayed the opening of the season in some areas. People were also trapped at the Lagunillas ski center as the access road was blocked by an avalanche. Fortunately, winter sports enthusiasts were quick to help and the road was cleared.

The season has been postponed slightly due to heavy snowfall in Las Leñas. At the top of the ski area there is already about 6.5 meters. Argentina’s ski area Portillo has also postponed its opening for a few days to make final preparations. The season opener is scheduled for this weekend.

And so it is now!

Other ski areas open earlier to give winter sports enthusiasts access to fresh snow. Several areas reported meters of snow. These pictures were taken over the past few days in South America:

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