NBA “Basketball Schwalbe” Fights: New Rule and Possible Fine |  Other sports

NBA “Basketball Schwalbe” Fights: New Rule and Possible Fine | Other sports

In the NBA, a new rule will be in place starting next season to prevent basketball’s version of Schwalbe. The referee can award a free throw to the other team if he believes he is being tricked by a player. NBA committee members unanimously approved a motion to do so.

A player may not be expelled for spoiling the match. The referee also does not immediately stop the game when a “flop,” which is a swing of the basketball, occurs. Firstly it allows the attacking team to finish off a scoring opportunity. Anyone who attempts to imitate the violation could receive a fine of at least $2,000 based on video footage after the game.

NBA teams also agreed that starting next season, coaches will have an additional opportunity to appeal the referees’ decision. If their first attempt is successful, they will be given a second chance to view the video footage. Then they must have a lead time available for it.

The new NBA season begins in October.

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