Barcelona coach Xavi respects Messi’s decision

Barcelona coach Xavi respects Messi’s decision

Barcelona coach Xavi has spoken a lot with Lionel Messi recently about his possible return to the Spanish club. But the coach said on Thursday that he understands the choice of the Argentine, who chose to move to the American Inter Miami. “In the last two years he hasn’t enjoyed himself at PSG and he doesn’t want that kind of pressure anymore. He’s the best player ever. But that’s his personal decision that we have to respect,” said Xavi.

During the talks, Xavi noticed a change in Messi in recent days. “We were all excited about the conversations. First he, then me and then the club. But often you want something and it doesn’t work because the circumstances aren’t right. Maybe the picture isn’t clear with him. But often you can’t think what it’s like to be in someone else’s place. . It sure isn’t easy being Messi. He always has to act perfectly, he has to be perfect on the field and he always has to be the best, said Xavi.

The coach also addressed rumors that Barcelona would like to bring back Neymar. But according to Xavi, the Brazilian is not part of his plans.

Source: National Ports Agency

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