Motorola: the recently released Moto E phones will not get Android 12 – tablets and phones – news

It doesn’t make sense…but this could be a Sailfish.
Android has refused to have the update policy in order for years. With the Galaxy S3 (the flagship at the time), there was already a buzz about updates for about 8 years now. Today, little has changed.
They pass the issue on to the manufacturers, who don’t want to pass updates, but eventually Google can also compel them to.

Jolla, with its mobile OS Sailfish, is still updating all but one of its devices (about 7 years later).
And without having to worry about your personal data, without burdening you with ads. Without the hardware being too expensive or not expandable with SD cards (as is the case with iPhones).
Applications designed for Sailfish are all free.

Plus, you get root access in Sailfish, so you can set whatever you want. The paid version supports Android apps, although some apps won’t work (correctly). Bank applications, for example, are difficult or impossible.
There are few drawbacks to Sailfish:
Everything is free: App makers can make bad money from Sailfish, so there is no Whatsapp for Sailfish, for example. There is also no native Signal client. There are also a few apps for the sailfish itself. Android support helps.
Installation is not easy and Sailfish paid the models (30€/50€ I think).

I no longer believe in Android. It’s been stuck, for years, and I don’t think Google has any intention of improving it. Apps keep demanding a lot of your privacy, like ad blockers siege It’s almost an obligation because many of the apps contain ads. And despite the fact that Google makes billions, it leaves its customers in the cold when it comes to updates.

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Then I take the defects of the sailfish for granted. With Android, it always feels like you’re peeing in your pants in the winter. In the end it stays warm, but after 8 years it really starts to smell…

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