Chrome may soon be able to automatically block notifications from websites – Computer – News

Since I went to the latest Android version on my phone, I’ve already had 3 times that seem to get the wrong message that website notifications might send.

What happened is that I’m somewhere, and I want to quickly search for something and so fast it looks like I didn’t click properly. Then I found out that this website had already issued 10 or more notifications on my phone and my first response was to them, Where did they come from? And who really wants a website to send more than 10 notifications in a few hours? This is, for example, a legitimate news site that pays every article they publish as a message.

Chrome shouldn’t use AI to improve this “feature”, it should remove it because no one wants to. Just like regular apps, and often kids’ games, you don’t have to constantly generate these useless spam notifications like ‘Back’, ‘Your kingdom awaits’, ‘New loot chest available’.

Essentially, this means that marketing emails are replaced by push messages. Marketing emails no longer work because according to the GDPR they must then send out emails regularly asking if they can continue to use your data, after which they can delete 99% of their database.

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