Monday's posts about the “perfect” GTA 6, Steam Deck, and Disney

Monday's posts about the “perfect” GTA 6, Steam Deck, and Disney

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And yes, even after this weekend, Monday will come. Life is very predictable. This means that we will prepare ourselves refreshed and cheerful for a new work week and answer a number of community questions. As always, we're doing just that in a new edition of Letters Monday. Also this week, our community is full of known burning questions. Boris, Gilly, and Kos are ready to review emails and posts on Discord. For example, there are questions about the $1.5 billion that Disney has deposited into Epic's coffers. And what do we think about the perfection that GTA 6 should approach, according to Rockstar? What about the ability to connect the Steam Deck to your TV? You will see and hear the answers to all these questions and more in the messages of Monday, February 12, 2024.

GTA 6 should be close to perfection

In one of the few statements they made about the final part of GTA, Rockstar indicated that they would only release the sixth part when it was close to perfection. But what exactly is perfection, one community member wonders? And what will Disney do now that it has a huge sum in the Fortnite maker Epic Games Was deposited? Will the battle royale game be filled with Mickey Mouse soon?

Are indie developers capable of making good narrative games?

Another fun question addressed in this edition of Letter Monday is whether indie developers are capable of making a really good narrative game. After all, they are often small studios. Do they have money for good screenwriters? The three gentlemen have their answer ready as always.

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