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Sometimes that drives me a little crazy. When I get a whatsapp message, I get 4 notifications: my phone, my smartwatch, my desktop via your phone, and my desktop again due to Whatsapp Web.

Some notifications are only half useful. Like when I want to sign in with Okta, I get a push message, which I then have to approve in the app. Then I can click the notification from your phone and then I get a screen mirror of my phone, but then I first have to give permission to this screen mirror on my phone, so I still have to take it out of my pocket : z† I mean, I understand the security itself, but it’s a shame the latter can’t be just a one time device for a trusted device.

.edit: OK, put the accompanying text your phone The phone link says Android can ask again, eg after a restart. And I don’t feel like giving him permission every time so he asks over and over, so maybe the problem isn’t as bad as I initially thought : s

It’s annoying that it stays open when the screen mirror is closed †† I would expect a lot of pocket calls if I used this regularly.

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