Microsoft Adds Mexico DLC to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition – Gaming – News

The final version of RTS Age of Empires III will receive downloaded content in the form of Mexican Civilization. The expansion adds new scenarios and gameplay options with a Mexican theme. The paid dlc package will be released on December 1 and costs 5 euros.

The DLC includes two new explorers, eight units, two buildings and a new home town with special shipping maps for Mexico. New content will also be added in the form of the historical battle Grito de Dolores and there will be a new revolution mechanism. The latter means that players can choose to revolt rather than advance to a fortress, industrial ages, or empire. “Each uprising gives you a whole new uprising” deck full of opportunities’, Microsoft writes.

earlier There was already It released a DLC pack themed American Civilization, which included nine units, a new explorer, select shipping maps, and a home town. If players have both Mexican and American civilization expansion, they will also get the historical battle “Battle of Queenston Heights”.

In addition to the remastered version of Age of Empires III, the fourth part of the series was released this year. This is the first all-new AoE game in 16 years and will feature four campaigns as of release. Tweakers wrote a review about it.

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