Miami Grand Prix wants to set a great event: "Lots of opportunities ahead"

Miami Grand Prix wants to set a great event: “Lots of opportunities ahead”

In an exclusive interview with RacingNews365 Miami Grand Prix Managing Partner Tom Garfinkel and CEO Richard Gregan talk about the popularity of Formula 1 in the United States. “I think Formula 1 does a great job of promoting the sport in the United States,” Carfinkel begins to explain the growing interest of American fans in the primary class of motorsport. “It’s not like you turn on the TV, look at Formula 1 and immediately understand the game. That’s why so much is happening in F1. That’s why the Netflix series plays a major role in the growth of drive-to-survive numbers. Americans.

Apart from the Netflix series, I think we will also play a key role in the popularity of Formula 1 by organizing GP in the United States. We are the second F1 race of the year, next to GP on track. From Austin. It will be good to see more F1 races in the United States in the future, “said the Miami Dolphins CEO.” Our race will take place in May next year, and we hope to welcome about 80,000 fans. Then we work with a limit so we can give everything to the fans. “

Like the GB of the Netherlands, Miami also organizes races with private parties. “The race is funded by third parties over the weekend and we do not receive any financial assistance from the government. However, cooperation with local authorities is excellent,” explains Corfingel, who works closely with Gregon. The CEO of the GB system can’t wait until the racing weekend in 2022.

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“We have created a circle where drivers can run in the race, but at the same time there are plenty of opportunities to overtake. We circled in conjunction with Apex Circuit Design, a party we created in conjunction with the F1 system.” I think we have a beautiful path, in addition, everything is properly organized. We’m close to the Miami Dolphins Stadium, and they can easily accommodate 80,000 people at the stadium without traffic problems. “

“This roundabout is located between two highways, which will ensure that everything goes right from a logistics perspective. We worked extensively on the logistics challenges of the roundabout because we want the customer to have a great weekend. We will deliver as soon as possible. However, we noticed that there was a lot of interest in the event. That is why we will try to serve each destination team as much as possible and there will be different types of tickets. “, Gregon said.

Although two F1 races are not normally held in one country, Carfinkel does not feel that Austin and Miami GPs should be seen as competitors. “It’s very nice to see that there are now two races on the F1 calendar and more GPs coming to the United States.

Gregon says the city of Florida is also benefiting from the F1 racing on the streets of the tourist resort: “Miami is known around the world, so many fans will come from outside the United States.

The Miami Grand Prix is ​​scheduled for the weekend of May 8, 2022 on the temporary F1 calendar.

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