Ramalho: ‘Romero, Ronaldo, Alex, Gomez, those names were immediately in my head’

Ramalho: ‘Romero, Ronaldo, Alex, Gomez, those names were immediately in my head’

Andre Ramalho is proud to be on the special list of Brazilians who have played for PSV. Central Defender sees PSV as a big name in his home country in South America.

“I think every Brazilian who owns a little bit of football knows PSV Eindhoven. The names that came to my head when I asked Romero, Ronaldo, Alex, Gomez Roger (Schmidt, RB Salzburg, former coach, ed.) Were appointed PSV coach last year,” Ramalho said. Quoted by supporters magazine By a BSV supporter. PSV is always viewed in Brazil, the guard knows. “It’s one of the most appealing clubs in Brazil, but really across South America.”

Ramalho did not have to think long and hard when the PSV was announced in Austria, except for the names of the past. “I quickly believed that this was the right step for me, which is why I was ready to play football here,” the defender admits.

With PSV, Ramalho wants to attract the attention of the Brazilian national team himself. “If it ever comes, it’s a dream come true.” So far, Ramalho has not been called up to Seleno yet. “I hope I would have come one step closer once I was transferred to PSV, though I know the competition is fierce.” Over the past international period, Brazil’s defense center has been created by Benfica’s Lucas Verosimo and Real Madrid’s Oder Milito.

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