Cueco Van Lang is on his way to America for a second treatment

Cueco Van Lang is on his way to America for a second treatment

Winschoten – After a long struggle and many setbacks, the time has finally come: Geuko, an 11-year-old boy from Winschoten suffering from a rare disease, is going to America for the second time for life-changing treatment. Thanks to a recently won lawsuit, the treatment is now reimbursed by the insurer, which is a huge relief to the family.

2016 started with a cold, and Kuku's sudden paralysis came as a shock to the entire family. “The disease cannot be cured, but intensive treatment in the US can significantly improve his quality of life. After a successful first treatment, Kyoko made rapid progress and he is now ready for the next phase,” says Gert John, Kyoko's father.

Despite the intensity of the daily training, Kyoko is looking forward to her time in America. His father emphasizes that the family also has a mission: “To make the treatment known in the Netherlands and to ensure that all children with similar conditions have access to this treatment. The future is bright, and he helps Kyoko recover with annual trips to America.

With vlogs and openness, they want to draw attention to the importance of this treatment and advocate for change in the Dutch healthcare system. Kyouko is determined to keep fighting and inspire others to never give up.

The adventure in America has just begun, but its impact will be felt for a long time.

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